Friday, January 28, 2011

Things I (люблю) Thursday

I found out about "Things I Love Thursday" about 2 years ago. Just accidentally ran across this section on amazing Gala Darling's website. I immediately loooved it :) and I guess it's very popular now among bloggers. I feel like it's my time to join in this pretty idea as well :)
Here's what I love this Thursday:

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I (люблю) "Vanity Fair".
and no, I am not talking about the magazine :) During this past week I was reading this book by William Thackeray for my literature classes. It turned out to be so interesting! I'm just caught up in the plot. And the style is so easy, just like an author is simply talking to you.
LOVE it!

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I  (люблю) this Emma Watson's Teen Vogue Cover Shoot Photos
 Yea, I know, it was back in 2009, but it is simply stunning! She looks amazing. And I absolutely adore the garments picked by stylists. Chic. Extraordinary. Edgy, yet very elegant and feminine. I'm totally in love with it! 

Here is the whole photo-session.

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I (люблю) floral patterns
I seem to be obsessed with floral patterns lately :) I want everything to be floral - dresses, tights, leggings... everything! and I'm longing this super cute floral oxfords! m-m-m... love them :)

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  1. Oh,great post .I really like it ^^!

  2. Oh, thank you so much for the comment :)
    and thank you for visiting my little blog :)


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