Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Inspiration. Cafe

via weheartit

Do you love sitting in the cafes? I do!

via weheartit
via weheartit
Taste of coffee and fresh bakery, smell of vanilla and cinnamon, a relazed chat with friends... a perfect morning...

Creme de Liquor Cafe Fragrance Oil 1 oz from EyeSpider

Cafe - Large Vinyl Wall Art Decal from StephenEdwardGraphic
Coppery Coffee Cup Gift Tags set of 6 from MissTeacherLady
SALE - Cafe (Stationery Set) from Dombot
I don't really drink coffee that often, but when you are in a cafe you just have this very special mood and you can't resist a cup of coffee) And that's what I've noticed - in the mornings I love to sit in the cafes by myself: to watch people hurrying to work and to stop for a moment.. to think about something nice and not to hurry anywhere... And in the evenings I love to be there with my frineds - to laugh a lot and forget about all the worries of the past day!) And what about afternoons? I guess that's just not for me :) Afternoon is too busy for me. I always tend to return to work even while eating and just don't have time to enjoy the moment...
Cafe on Montmartre from GregsFineArt
Cafe late - triangular lacy shawl - mohair acrylic from MadelinesWardrobe
Have a good week!
♥ Polina 


  1. I love your etsy and blog! I follow your blog!

    Please add me as a follower : )

  2. Wonderful Cafe pictures! Your blog is beautiful <3


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