Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Summer in January

these two weeks past just too quickly! but they were amazing...
what can be better than traveling from frizzing cold
(nearly 30 degrees minus Celsius - is not a joke!) to nice warm temperatures! that's right - nothing!

of course it's not possible to describe EVERYTHING, so here are some of the most memorable impressions from our journey...

1.  we went swimming in January!

I mean, it's really amazing when you are swimming in this ridiculously warm water and then you think: "wait a's the middle of January!" to tell you the truth, it's a great felling :)

2. any fruit you can think of - you'll find here!

not to mention papayas and coconuts growing on the streets! for me, that's definitely not a usual thing :) and some of the fruits we tried here, I don't even know their names, but they were good! but my favourites would be mangos, pineapple and sugar cane juice (yes, they can get juice from anything!)

3. mud baths and mineral springs

the feeling you after just 20 minutes in mud baths is superb! it's like being reborn or getting new skin - fresh and soft, almost silky to touch. that's the best refreshment I've ever experienced...

4. riding an ostrich

that's a weird feeling, but it's worth to try it :)

5. food and drinks

what I enjoyed the most - seafood almost every day. and it's super fresh - most likely got out from the sea this very day. isn't that great? 
and my personal treat - cocktails! I love them and here I love them even more :) well, no surprises - the secret is simple: and it's again - locally grown ingredients. not only fruit but rum as well ;)

6. beautiful scenery. peaceful and inspiring.

7. and one more thing... best of the best...

and that's - being with my family again! after one more year of college studies this journey is a wonderful treat full of moments that I'm going to cherish!

I hope that's not our last trip together and 
we'll discover much more beutiful places and share much more wonderful moments...

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