Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wedding Ideas

We are about 10 days away from spring and that means that the most romantic season is just around the corner. Along with the first flowers our romantic feelings awake as well. Most of us are already tired of chilly weather and variations of gray color (winter is no longer an invariable part of a Christmas miracle), so we are longing for warmer weather, brighter colors and something new and fresh. We are enthusiastic, full of energy and ready for a fresh start. Yes, spring is an ideal time for a fresh start, a new leaf in life... may be... a wedding?

Cute couple wedding cake topper by annacrafts
Searching Etsy I found that it's full of amazing ideas for arranging and decorating wedding ceremony - something to make the wedding truly unique and memorable. So I've put together some wedding treasuries sorted out by different themes. I think even if you are not planning a wedding, it's just nice to look and all this beauty.
I hope you'll enjoy these treasuries and may be... will get inspired! :)

It may seem that rustic weddings are sometimes styled in a deliberately simple and naive way. But behind this simplicity you see the warmth and comfort. Handmade decorations make you feel connected with the roots and earth. Natural materials are used for the decor - burlap, linen, cotton, string, wood, cotton lace, craft paper, cardboard, cans and bottles. All this creates an amazing charm of the ceremony.

Do you feel the soft breeze from the ocean? It makes the wedding bells ring! You can come up with many ideas for wedding decor, using images of the sea - blue and white stripes, lighthouses, fishing nets, seagulls, fish, crabs, turtles, starfish, whales, waves, ships and pirates.A let your marriage be as strong as a fisherman's knot!

Clean colors are very traditional for weddings, because they symbolize purity and innocence. For an ivory wedding all the accessories and details of the wedding decorations are white, so the colors vary only in shades and halftones. Since all the details of decorations are mainly white, you can play with different textures: lace, ruffles, tulle fabric, crystals and beads. Such wedding is a revived fairy tale...

4. Romantic Wedding
Look at this princess... she is becoming a queen. A beautiful queen! The key features of such wedding ceremony are elegance, grace, with a touch of Rococo style. The main colors of the romantic wedding are soft pastels cream, pink, beige and blue. Bride's gourmet is very sophisticated. The wedding dress is usually something magnificent - with ruffles and lace, crinoline with beautiful accessories: pearls, flowers, cameos, bracelets, refined jewelry. Result: luxurious and romantic wedding.

And the last but not least - spring wedding! The idea of ​​such wedding is inspired by tenderness, refined simplicity, freshness, sunshine and beautiful field flowers. The atmosphere of a spring wedding is very youthful and light. The main colors in the palette are white, warm yellow and tender greens. And of course a wide range of flowers of different kinds! For example, a bride, in addition to or instead of veil can wear a wreath of daisies.

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