Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Let's start a week with a good inspiration!

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Well it's Monday today (at least for me :) and Monday is usually quite a hard day. And I think something inspiring can give you just a little boost to go through the whole week! =)

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So let's start! Today my Monday inspiration is:  
"Traveling back home" (ha, an urgent thing for me since I'm going from home back to studies :)

Globe Travel Necklace from lunashineshine
Travel Vintage Look Luggage Labels sticker A from fancyshop

Don't you think that coming back home from vacation is always such a special occasion? :) Your friends and family are meeting your at the airport (or somewhere else) and you are so happy to see them after such a long time! And then you show them all the different things you've bought, give some little presents and souvenirs, show pictures... And you almost go back to that places again :)

Travel File/Folder made from vintage atlas paper from MyPaperGarden

Traveling On - 5x5 - Fine Art Print from violetbellaphoto

But I think the main thing is that when you come back home from vacation you always feel so inspired with everything you've seen and so ready to work for the rest of the year! Such a wonderful feeling!

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