Friday, February 11, 2011

Things I (люблю) Thursday

Ok, another week has passed. I returned to Vladivostok from my 1,5 month stay at home in Khabarovsk. I was so-so glad to see all my friends again! Ha, you should've heard all those squeals of delight and seen all those hugs and kisses. That's why I like returnings :) So, it was a good week and here are the things I LOVE:

I (люблю) Lena!
Of course I love her 24/7!!! :) but this week was her Birthday week and we had so much fun celebrating it. Lena was receiving tons of presents, flowers, compliments... and she said it was the hardest thing to go through :) Oh, I love her so much! Happy Birthday, my sunshine!

from here
(люблю) my philosophy lectures!

At least so far :) I was always interested in that and finally I have a chance to get a little insight into philosophy. I'm quite enthusiastic for all the research I have to do! So we'll see how it all end up :)

  I (люблю) taking pictures!
 I've probably mentioned that I got a camera for New Year? Well, I love it! I've always loved pretty pictures on blogs and on weheartit. Now I want to take something similar myself! I'm far from perfection now, but it all comes with practice, right?


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