Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things I (люблю) Thursday

Weeks are getting busier and busier, but there are still lots of things to LOVE:

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I (люблю) first signs of spring!
Yes! Yes! Yes! I can feel them - first notes of spring! I was walking down the street the other day... and I felt a warm breeze, I felt sunshine, I felt that spring is around the corner (well, almost :) In our climate winter seems to last for ages and you can believe that it's going to be warm ever again...and suddenly such a surprise!

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I (люблю) my geeky glasses!
 ha-ha! I love them. They are so fun! A perfect combination of looking smart and pretty. Geeks are totally sexy ;)

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I (люблю) to be stylishly organized!

Do you think it's possible? I love all these cute pencils, pens, notebooks, stickers and all that kind of stuff... but periodically my workspace becomes a huge mess! Sometimes I call it a "creative mess" :) But don't you think being organized (stylishly, of course) is more chic?

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