Friday, February 25, 2011

Things I (люблю) Thursday

It's beautiful time around here. Spring is coming! You can hear its steps... You feel like from day to day it's getting warmer, you feel how spring breathes life into everything... It's magnificent! And you are in love with life, you are in love with love... you want to LOVE everything!

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 I (люблю) discovering new Cafés!
It is always so nice to discover new places! What I love about Cafés (you can see here how much they inspire me) is that you have some certain memories that you associate with this particular place: favorite foods on the menu, favorite place to sit, certain people you go there with. I love seeing interesting interiors and watch the people there :) and during this past week it was definitely our favorite pass time!

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Olive Coat by LittleHouses

 I (люблю) coats!
I can't stop saying that spring is just around the corner! It inspires me so much. And what is the best thing to wear in spring? Of course, a stylish coat ( I love mine so much)! I think it's a timeless trend.

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 I (люблю) chatting with my friends!
For me that's priceless. That makes my days special. I love that sometimes our talks can't be understood my anyone else. I love how me laugh every two minutes. I love how suddenly we may begin talking about something serious. Oh, I'm sentimental this week :)


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