Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lifeguard training. Day 2

Hard day. We did more training, but the rescuing techniques become more and more difficult. Today we used a back board and were taught how a lifeguard should response when the guest in distress has a neck or spinal injury. Oh, I hope I won't mix up anything. Also we were shown how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (I've never imagined I'm going to to anything like that!) Tomorrow we have the final test, so the rest of the day I'm going to study the material.
Oh, and there is one funny thing I've noticed - sometimes I tend to behave like a real teacher (which I actually my major in the University - English teacher :)
Our instructors were testing our English knowledge today, so we had to read some lifeguard-related sentences in English. Oh, I got a headache from all those Russian "r"-s and "th"-s! =) I was about to start making corrections (just like on our phonetics classes) Yes, I'm horrid. I guess I need to take it easy :)

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